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Getting an idea of the intended style helps in the selection of materials and finishes. Remote work with the SIPS system lends itself to the Australiana look of weather board and iron or a post modern appearance with textured walls and skillion roof.

Extreme weather is also a consideration when the temperatures are in the high 40’s for days on end. Because high * rating and insulation efficiency of the SIPS system it ensures the AC system can cope and is not overloaded leading to a good night’s sleep no matter the circumstances.

We also look at the value and longevity of the completed structure to ensure the investment is sound. Marble tiles and Gold taps look nice but a bit out of place in a mining town. Choices should be an investment, not an expense.



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Once we know your basic requirements and an idea of budget constraints, we can start to develop a working plan from which we can quantify, cost and obtain quotations. Because of the method of construction and the SIPS systems much of the work can be undertaken off site saving much of the costs inherent in remote work. It also saves a lot of the construction time.

During this phase we look at the logistics and planning for labour and materials to site and the order of the scheduled work with considerations like having a roof half finished with a cyclone off the coast. Similarly the accommodation of labour at the same time.

With the SIPS system most of the trades can complete their work in one trip so it is essential that each stage of the project is complete in it’s entirety so their is none of the “It’s only a couple of hours which I can do next time” which is difficult to co-ordinate with other trades.

Once we have all this sorted we can provide a comprehensive quotation with no surprises.

Everything is considered. What you see is what you get, enumerated and described with no extras.


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