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Not everyone in WA thinks Perth is the centre of the known world. CIBC use Perth as a base but it could be anywhere as anywhere is where we do most of our work. We only assemble on site anyway, as most of the work is done off site and assembled at your location so the “where” is not important as long as we can get there with a 12m container.

The system we have developed is to design your house in increments of merchantable products, not design the house and cut the materials to suit. As most structural components are sold in lengths / widths of 600 mm why design a room 3100 * 3100 and a ceiling of 2500, pay for 3600 * 3600 * 2700, pay someone to cut it and throw the rest away?

Most remote locations don’t have the constraints that the Perth suburbs have so the R codes and gazetted policies that occupy the SAT appeals process don’t apply. Moreover, Country folk have better things to do with their time and money.

We use SIPS panels with a structural steel frame.

Why? I’ll tell you why:

Cyclone proof

Earthquake proof

Bush fire proof

It’s quicker

A 10* energy rating which saves a fortune on electricity bills in hot and cold regions where we tend to work.

And apart from that it’s the most versatile when it comes to finishes.

I’m sure there was something else, it’ll come to me?

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